Paul Stenhouse: Technology vs Coronavirus

Paul Stenhouse: Technology vs Coronavirus

Using technology to fight Coronavirus 

You’re allowed to clean your iPhone

Apple has made it official.. you can clean your iPhone’s screen with an anti-bacterial wipe because boy oh boy are they dirt traps. You can also clean your keyboard and mouse too. If you have anti-bacterial spray, you’ll want to spray it onto the cloth first rather than directly onto the device. Do not use bleach though! Be gentle as you do it and be careful not to get moisture into the speaker on the front, or into the home button.

US home-broadband is getting a boost

With a stack of US companies sending their workers home to work, home broadband is getting more use than it might usually. AT&T has removed the limits that typically apply to allow people to use as much internet as they need. Comcast has made its most discount internet plans faster as people try to do more bandwidth intensive activities while they’re at home.

Remote working tech has feared well in the stock market selloff

Companies such as Zoom, Google and Microsoft who all offer video conferencing and team collaboration solutions have held their value while other stocks plunge. In China, Microsoft Teams usage is up 500% since January. They’re trying to make it easier to use their tools too.. Microsoft has made Teams free for anyone with an email address. Slack is doing Q&A and webinar sessions to get people up to speed on using it for Instant Messaging. 



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