Health officials investigating ‘illness or possible cluster of illnesses’ in Big Horn County | Wyoming News

Health officials investigating 'illness or possible cluster of illnesses' in Big Horn County | Wyoming News

A health official prepares to take samples for a coronavirus test from a journalist in Bucharest, Romania, on Friday. Health officials are investigating an “illness or cluster of illnesses” in Big Horn County.

State and federal health officials are investigating whether at least one student in Big Horn County was exposed to coronavirus at an extracurricular event in Wyoming, though experts say it’s most likely that the unidentified illness is not the contagious virus spreading across the United States.

“We are investigating an illness or possible cluster of illnesses that have not tested positive for the flu,” said Dr. David Fairbanks, the health officer in Big Horn County. “And so we’re being cautious and testing to make sure it’s not COVID. At this point, we don’t have strong suspicions (that it is).”

Fairbanks said tests administered to the student or students have yet to be processed. A spokeswoman for the state Department of Health said she did not have an update or timeline for the Big Horn County tests and said she generally didn’t have information to release on the potential cases.

Fairbanks said the tests were sent to the Health Department on either Thursday or Wednesday. 

Fairbanks issued a health alert late Thursday night strongly advising “against large public gatherings,” which “should include all school extracurricular events.” He said “state and federal agencies” were investigating “potential coronavirus exposure” by a student or students at a sporting event. He confirmed to the Star-Tribune that the sporting event was held in Wyoming and that it was not the state basketball tournament in Casper.

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