Father-son duo breaking records with roadster they built

Father-son duo breaking records with roadster they built

TIJERAS, N.M. (KRQE) – A local father-son duo is forming a strong bond and breaking records. They’ve been building a Model T Roadster in a garage for nearly a decade.

Joel and Jack Wirth have a need for speed and science. For eight years the pair have been building a lightning-fast roadster.

In 2019, Joel beat a record, driving the car at Bonneville Speedway, in Utah. The car reaching speeds of 278 miles an hour.

“We’ll be in the record books which is the novelty of it, and we’re also in the honorary club, the 200-mile-an-hour club,” said Joel, about his first record win.

Now that they’ve beaten one record, the pair is making improvements on the car so they can be ready to break another one. “The faster you go, the faster you want to go,” said Jack. They say they’ve had fun building the car, and pushing it to the limits, but even more, they’ve appreciated the time spent together.

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