San Joaquin County implements technology making voting process more efficient

San Joaquin County implements technology making voting process more efficient

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SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — San Joaquin County is using new technology this election that officials are hoping will help make voting faster and easier.

“We’re enhancing security and using technology at a higher
level,” Registrar of Voters Melinda Dubroff told FOX40.

Dubroff said the equipment that was being used before is outdated. This year, at every polling place, voters will sign in using iPads instead of searching through a paper roster.

“It will be a lot easier too for the election officers to find the voter’s name and it will be much more up to date compared to a printed roster,” said Dubroff.

Voters will also use a new ballot marking device to fill in the
box next to their candidate’s name.

“And every voter who uses that will get a full-face paper
ballot that they can cast,” explained Dubroff.

And while the new technology may get voters through the in and out faster, Dubroff said the final count will still take time.

“It’s not about speeding up the process. It’s about making
it accurate and secure,” said Dubroff.

With iPads, drive-thrus and the option to cast your vote anywhere in the county, Dubroff said voting is even easier and more convenient than ever.

“We have over 320,000 registered voters in this county and I
expect them all to vote on election day,” said Dubroff.

This year San Joaquin County is also expanding its Drive Up Democracy campaign. That means no matter where you live in the county, you can cast a ballot from any voting center.

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