Technology, expansion continue to move Knepper Press forward in printing industry


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Knepper Press keeps getting better.

Founded in Carnegie in 1873, Knepper Press is the oldest commercial printer in the Pittsburgh area. The printing and communications firm, which employs nearly 200 people, has grown from a small weekly newspaper publisher to the tri-state region’s largest independently owned, fifth-generation commercial printing company.

Knepper Press offers a complete range of in-house communication services, including sheet-fed, web and digital printing. In addition, they also provide mailing, marketing support, document management logistics and integrated website ordering.

Located at Clinton Commerce Park in Findlay Township, Knepper Press continues to make improvements toward modern technology for data, workflows and print and mail production and delivery.

Knepper Press acquired six different companies over the past 15 years and opened a 75,000-square-foot warehouse addition in 2018, bringing the plant to a total of 175,000 square feet.

They added a press that incorporates LED ink curing capabilities. Inks and coatings are 100 percent cured without volatile organic compounds coming off the press, eliminating any drying time. Now, UV and other high-end coatings are available on the same press.

Knepper also recently acquired Dual Print & Mail in Buffalo, N.Y.

This expansion has expanded Knepper’s strong position in Western Pennsylvania into the Western New York corridor, along adding large-format signage capabilities.

Despite all the technological and facility changes , one thing stays the same for Knepper Press — customer relationships.

“In addition to offering great quality and the ability to have very good pricing, probably the biggest thing for us is that we’ve maintained a solid workforce,” Knepper Press CEO Ted Ford said.

“There are a lot of talented people in the service element. It’s important that we get back to people and consult with them on how best to utilize their marketing dollars. A lot of people have cut back and cut back on that over the years. We’re easy to do business with.”

Commercial printing projects account for the majority of Knepper Press printing jobs. The advantage they add is that their mailing and fulfillment services condense projects to a single company, which creates efficiency for clients and eliminates logistical challenges.

There are many projects that usually include a commercial printer. Here is a list of several. If any of them match your project, contact Knepper Press to speak with a representative and ask as many questions as you’d like. You can also get a free quote at that time.

• Large scale label, coupon or poster projects

• Catalog or magazine printing projects

• When desktop quality isn’t good enough, and you need input from real graphic arts experts

• Any time you need top-quality results

For digital solutions, Knepper’s digital marketing experts will work with you to build your brand and increase the return on your advertising dollar.

Their advisors can help you create profitable one-to-one marketing campaigns, including personalized URLs, variable data emails, web-to-print and print-to-web solutions.

• Increase your direct mail response rate by up to 50 percent

• Increase your sales conversion rates

• Get your sales message to market faster

• Increase your cross-marketing ability

• Build customer loyalty

• Personalized URLs

In addition to printing direct mail, Knepper Press also has mailing services to offer as a complement to their fulfillment and printing services. Their mailing services allow clients to consolidate their needs into a single company, creating both cost and time efficiencies.

As a direct mail printer, Knepper Press knows how important it is to find a printing company that also acts as a mailing company. They receive consistent feedback from clients that combining these services has helped them get their message out quickly, without losing any quality.

Their expert knowledge and experience in mailing helps you realize the lowest possible postage cost. They provide mail planning assistance and speedy production.

Mailing services include:

• Inkjet addressing

• Tabbing (Wafer Sealing)

• Storage and fulfillment services

Knepper Press’ new warehouse, state-of-the-art order processing system and automated fulfillment practices ensure quick service and cost efficiencies.

Their fulfillment services allow customers to print and mail from a single vendor. Direct mail fulfillment is easier, logistically, when customers use Knepper Press to both print and mail their materials.

They are currently managing more than 3,500 products in their conveniently located facility next to Pittsburgh International Airport.

For more information please contact Vic Borrelli, 724-899-4255

He will put you directly in touch with the appropriate Knepper Press representative to handle your specific requirements.

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