A women-only mental health clinic is set to open in Aurora

A women-only mental health clinic is set to open in Aurora

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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A mental health clinic for women that will be staffed entirely by women is set to open in Aurora Thursday.

The new unit at the HealthONE Behavioral Health and Wellness Center is located on the Medical Center of Aurora campus. It will be open 24/7, so women can call or just walk in.

There are 20 beds available
for inpatient programs, but there will be plenty of outpatient options
available as well.

“This is the only women’s unit in Denver that I’m aware of ,” said Cincy Meyer, the COO for Behavioral Health Services.

She says the majority of
people will experience depression or anxiety at some point in their life and
the key is asking for help.

“So when things are completely off the charts or you feel like you are on a roller-coaster ride, this is a place where you can come for counseling and coaching,” Meyer said.

The clinic will be a place that women can go for help after a life-changing event like a divorce, postpartum depression or a breast cancer diagnosis. With no men, staff hope that women will feel more comfortable sharing information.

“They’ll know that they are getting specialized care, care that goes to their needs, their specific concerns,” said Dr. Briana Tillman, a HealthONE psychiatrist.

To reach the new women’s unit, call  844-556-2012.

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