Yavapai County Sheriff Tracking Down Loud Noise

Yavapai County Sheriff Tracking Down Loud Noise

An unidentified loud noise was heard in Yavapai County early Sunday morning.

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) is attempting to identify a loud noise heard in Yavapai County this morning. People who called in have described it as a “blast” or a “boom” or an “explosion”. We will update this article as more information comes forth.

Below is the earthquake map of the latest earthquakes in the region. There really do not appear to be any earthquakes that would have made this sound. The turquoise dot below is the one that took place closest to the time the sound was heard. However, it was pretty far away, and not a very strong earthquake:

14km SSW of Searles Valley, CA
2020-02-16 07:43:08 (UTC-07:00)

YCSO UPDATE 8:15AM regarding the Blast/Boom/Explosion – the FAA did not have any source information and Luke AFB indicates no jet traffic in the air at that time. We continue to check with other military sources….

Blast/Boom/Explosion –

YCSO dispatchers have received calls from every corner of Yavapai County around 7:20 AM this morning regarding a loud explosion. Deputies are checking their patrol areas for a possible source and dispatchers are reaching out to the FAA and military groups to see if they have any information that could explain the event —

As of now , the source is unknown —

We will update with any definitive news on this —

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