ARN spotlight on: Queensland’s Envisage Technology

ARN spotlight on: Queensland’s Envisage Technology

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The ‘ARN spotlight on’ series explores partners operating in the local channel landscape right around the country, from Cape York to Hobart, Byron Bay to Fremantle and beyond. In this edition, we focus on Queensland and Albion-based partner Envisage Technology.

Changing with the times

For a business to be successful in the long run, it needs to adapt to change. That’s exactly how the managed service provider (MSP) Envisage Technology found its success.

Envisage’s story started in 1998 with founder and managing director Ben Steel, who saw an opportunity to deliver custom desktop hardware to consumers. In this early stage, Steel was competing with larger retail vendors with lower overheads and direct access to components from import channels.

The MSP eventually changed tack and moved into the consulting space, being an early adopter of the managed services recurring revenue model, according to Steel.

Since then we have constantly reinvented the way we do business to keep in line with customer trends,” he told ARN. 

Today, the 15-employee-strong provider is focused on the healthcare industry, providing services for a large number of clients. 

“It’s a tough industry that has pushed us on how we manage data, deliver uptime and ensure a consistent experience,” Steel said. 

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