Painting the way: ‘Breaking Patterns’ exhibit showcases MU artists | Local

Painting the way: 'Breaking Patterns' exhibit showcases MU artists | Local

Seven female MU faculty and staff members from the School of Visual Studies are painting the way for female artists in “Breaking Patterns,” an art exhibit that highlights how female artists are teaching and learning in the changing visual arts landscape.

The exhibit is being hosted by the Boone County History and Culture Center, and an opening reception was held Saturday at the Montminy Art Gallery to honor the seven artists.

The reception was open to the public to see the paintings and talk with the artists themselves about their work, which consists of a diverse array of multimedia pieces.

Digital printing with thread, cotton and silk tapestries and inlaid paper on landscapes create a dynamic interaction between all the artists’ collections. 

Catherine Armbrust, one of the artists featured in the exhibit, helped find the artists and came up with the idea of having a collection that breaks the patterns of traditional artwork.

“I started thinking about what our work looks like, both individually and as a group, and how a lot of us exist in a very traditional art program and that pattern being broken too, by getting more diversity in the staff,” Armbrust said.

Each collection focuses on breaking traditional patterns of doing art or traditional ways of looking at everyday life and history. The exhibit aims to show how shifts in systematic patterns have caused changes in the academic community, which allows more room for female artists, according to the gallery’s website. 

The seven MU faculty and staff whose art is on display with the exhibit are Catherine Armbrust, Zoe Hawk, C. Pazia Mannella, Jennifer Bennett, Shannon Soldner, J.M. Thornton and Anna Wehrwein.

The exhibit will run through March 22 at the Montminy Art Gallery in the Boone County History and Culture Center.

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