Trimble expands technology line up with Weed Seeker 2, GFX-350

Trimble expands technology line up with Weed Seeker 2, GFX-350

The attendees of the National Farm Machinery Show got to see the new Trimble Weed Seeker 2 Spot Sprayer and GFX-350 working in action. 

Trimble GFX-350 

The Trimble GFX-350 is the latest Android -based, easy-to-use display from Trimble Agriculture. This cost-effective solution offers great functionality and a simplified installation process, providing access to autosteering and application control for every farm. This is a great option for any farmer trying to ease their way into auto steer technology. 

The Trimble GFX-350 includes:

  • 7′′ high-definition color touch-screen display
  • Android-based operating system
  • Rugged construction for everyday field use
  • Compatible with NAV-500 and NAV-900 guidance controllers
  • ISOBUS task controller and universal terminal
  • Control up to 2 channels and 24 sections

Also new to Trimble is their NAV-900 Guidance Controller, which can be paired with the GFX-350 or any of the GFX series displays. The NAV-900 is designed to mount on the roof of most agricultural vehicles to provide positioning and guidance, including autosteer. This allows for a cleaner cab with less wires compared to other options.

Weed Seeker 2 Spot Spray 

The WeedSeeker system detects and eliminates resistant weeds using advanced optics and processing power. When a weed passes underneath the sensor it signals its linked spray nozzle to precisely deliver herbicide and kill the weed, reducing the amount of chemical applied by up to 90%. 

“The benefit from the new Weed Seeker compared to the old one is that the new one recognizes yellow and brown — the old one had a hard time with yellow. The old one was also limited to 11 mph, now this system can go up to 26 mph and still have success.” explained Jake Ridenour, a Regional Sales Manager for Trimble. 

Great features on the Weed Seeker 2 Spot Sprayer include: 

  • Intelligent sensor
  • Reduce herbicide usage by up to 90%
  • ISOBUS compatible
  • Unbeatable accuracy
  • Lightweight sensors and cabling
  • Universal mount for easy installation
  • Fewer sensors needed with expanded weed detection width
  • Weed mapping and section control
  • Automatic turn compensation

For more details about the new technology, check out the Trimble website. 

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