RiverView Health construction moving forward in Crookston

Carpenter foreman Steve Ives, left, and Mortenson's Construction project manager Jason Toso compare notes at the site of the RiverView Health Clinic and Hospital, under construction in Crookston. Photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

The Crookston health care provider broke ground April 25 for a $51 million hospital and clinic. The entrance of the new facilities, totaling 80,000 square feet, will face the Red Lake River.

Exterior work on the new hospital and clinic is nearly complete, and most of the 85 tradespeople are working on the interior of the project, said Jason Toso, Mortenson Construction project manager.

The ground floor of RiverView Health will house the clinic, which will contain 48 exam rooms, four consultation rooms and four procedure rooms. The clinic will be divided into pods, depending on the type of care they offer.

The pod set-up will result in patients walking less distance if they have multiple appointments, Chris Bruggeman, RiverView Health chief operating officer, said earlier this week.

At present, patients might have to walk to three separate locations on the campus if they need to see multiple physicians, he said. The proximity of the pods also should result in better “handoff” communication and care coordination between providers.

Besides the examination rooms in which they see their patients, RiverView Health physicians will have offices in the clinic. The ground floor will have a card and gift shop and a training and conference center with a capacity of 80.

The drywall that separates the pods and physicians’ offices is up, as is the drywall in several hospital rooms on the top floor. Painting of the rooms is underway.

The hospital will have 18 patient rooms, three labor and delivery rooms and four family suites. The family suites will have a private bathroom with a shower for the patient and the patient’s family.

The hospital rooms, designed to be minimally invasive to patients, feature a cupboard that can be accessed from the interior and exterior. That will allow health care staff to put supplies, such as fresh linens, in the rooms without disturbing sleeping patients.

Nurses will have several locations to view and monitor patients’ vital signs. That includes displays in the collaboration hub locations and computers at each of the viewing stations. Meanwhile, nurses will be able to see into the rooms to monitor the physical condition of the patient.

Another feature of the hospital floor will be a rooftop garden on the west side. Patients with rooms on the east side will have a view of the river.

“This facility will be a tremendous asset to the community,” Bruggeman said. “Many RiverView team members participated in the design of the building, and it is fun to see all of that hard work come to life as the building progresses.“

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