Fort Myers Beach ready for spring break 2020, expects busier season than last year

Fort Myers Beach ready for spring break 2020, expects busier season than last year


Spring break is around the corner, and, if you plan to hit the Gulf this week on Fort Myers Beach, it’s likely packed already.

We looked at how the Town of Fort Myers Beach is preparing for spring break 2020 Tuesday and what’s expected to be a busier season than last year.

The water is clean, the weather hot. Business is booming, and the students are still a couple weeks away. People on Fort Myers Beach say they’re ready for a record spring and spring break.

“Wouldn’t go anywhere else during the winter,” said Kerry Sainato from Chicago. “Love the sand, the sun, the surf.”

Sainato makes a point of visiting Fort Myers Beach before spring break.

“Once that one or two weeks hits, it’s like the whole city lets loose,” Sainato said. “It’s just craziness. There’s lines.”

Sandy Knapp’s been a bartender at the Lani Kai for more than 30 years, so she knows a thing or two about spring break in Southwest Florida.

“Oh, I could write a book honey,” Knapp said. “I could write a book.”

Spring break means it’s down to business for people working on the island.

“We really have to be on our game during spring break, all of us, management security, bartenders, bar backs,” Knapp said. “We all have to keep our eyes and ears open.”

Town leaders say extra crossing guards are already on duty, who help to keep traffic flow at an efficient level.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office also promises to increase patrols on Fort Myers Beach later in February and throughout spring break.

In 2019, the spring break season generated more than $2 billion on Fort Myers Beach. So the town expects continued success and to keep that economy boost safe.

And Knapp says she wouldn’t change a thing about the spring break season on the island.

“Oh, my god, seriously. Have you looked out there?” Knapp said. “I mean, look at the view out of my office window.”

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