Coborn’s Pharmacy Implements New Refill Technology

Coborn's Pharmacy Implements New Refill Technology

Jennifer Lewerenz | Feb 3, 2020 AT 6:57 am

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(KNSI) – New technology being put into place at St. Cloud based Coborn’s Pharmacies has lightened the load for pharmacists, leaving them more time to council patients.

The program is called ExpressRx Track and it allows prescriptions to be filled from a centralized location. The program, working together with Coborn’s ExpressRx technology already in place, can dispense up to two thousand prescriptions per eight hour shift with 99.99% accuracy.

The transition has cut down on scripts waiting to be filled at the start of the day by 60% making for a less stressful and tiring environment.

Jim Cox, Coborn’s senior director of pharmacy, liquor and convenience praised pharmacy staff for adopting the technology quicker than anticipated, saying, “our pharmacy staff did an outstanding job supporting the transition. We achieved our desired percent of volume of eligible prescriptions in just 90 days, as opposed to our target goal of six months to one year. Plus, we were able to bring all of our pharmacy locations online a lot quicker than originally planned.”

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