Health officials react to coronavirus confirmed near Northern Nevada

Health officials react to coronavirus confirmed near Northern Nevada

Reno, Nev. (KOLO) – The coronavirus is a public health emergency in the United States and the disease is getting closer to Northern Nevada.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim a man living in Santa Clara County has tested positive for the virus, making it the 7th case in the Nation.

Dr. Randall Todd, with the Washoe County Health District, said the way this virus is transmitted can be an issue.

“This virus can transmit from person to person,” Dr. Todd stated.

On Thursday, the first United States person to person case was confirmed in Chicago. Nearly 10,000 cases and more than 200 deaths globally, due to a virus that tends to stay amongst animals, but has been picked up by humans.

“We have drugs to treat influenza if people do get it, whereas with this new virus, we don’t have a vaccine and we don’t have any drugs specifically to treat it,” explained Dr. Todd.

For many, the thought of an outbreak is something that crosses their mind. Aaron Kenneston, County Emergency Manager said we have a well-practiced community that is always training for the 13 identified hazards in our region, one of them is infectious diseases.

“We are lucky in our state and I hope we continue to be lucky. Part of luck is preparedness and the actions that our medical professionals are taking day to day are helping to keep us lucky,” said Kenneston.

In a case where a plane would arrive with an infected person, the Regional Emergency Operations Center would be immediately notified. Health professionals would arrive, diagnose the virus, and activate the emergency plan that includes medication, shelters, and secure transportation.

“Every citizen should take the time to make a personal emergency plan, have an emergency supply kit, and stay informed,” Kenneston explained.

First responders are ready at a moment’s notice, making sure you and your family stay safe from infectious diseases.

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