Tazewell County rolls out Text-to-911 technology

Tazewell County rolls out Text-to-911 technology


TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS) — Imagine you’re hiding from a gunman — calling 911 would make too much noise and give you away — putting you in even more danger. As of January 31, 2020 people in Tazewell County can text their emergencies directly to 911 dispatchers.

Sheriff Brian Hieatt said Text-To-911 is important to people who are hearing or speech impaired. It could also help when a crime is in process, if the caller is facing domestic abuse, or is injured and cannot speak.

“We also have the capability of being able to triangulate their position and locate where that’s coming from,” said Hieatt. “If the person is not able to text us immediately and say ‘I’m at 100 White Lane,’ we will be able to find that and start sending police and emergency services to the direction where the phone is pinging at.”

Calling 911 is still the best and fastest way to get help, and you should only use Text-to-911 if you are unable to call.

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