Victims, Police Issue Warning After Suburban Vehicle Break-Ins – NBC Chicago

Victims, Police Issue Warning After Suburban Vehicle Break-Ins – NBC Chicago

A suburban woman
is warning residents in several towns to be extra careful after thieves got
into her unlocked car and then used a garage door opener to gain access to her garage.

“It seemed like
they had an agenda. They were in and out quickly,” the woman, who asked not to
be identified, said.

video shows the two suspects checking the doors on the vehicle, and then getting
into the vehicle after finding it unlocked. Eventually they found the garage
door opener and pressed the button while two more suspects ran into the garage

“We actually
heard the garage door closing. That’s what woke us up,” she said.

The suspects didn’t
steal anything from the car or from the garage, but kept the garage door opener
with them.

“We were like ‘oh
hey, we live down the street from a fire station. Nothing will happen,’” Mia
Herrera, the victim’s niece, said.

Now, southwest suburban
police chiefs in Orland Hills, Orland Park and Tinley Park are working together
to warn residents of the dangers of leaving their vehicles or garages unlocked,
and they’re looking to crack down on the string of break-ins.

“I think these
crimes happen very quickly,” Village of Orland Hills Chief of Police Thomas
Scully said. “These guys are in and out in six or seven seconds. They’re not
worried about our patrol patterns.”

Police are
looking to residents to help stay vigilant against the threat the robbers pose,
and for the Orland Hills woman, she won’t take chances again.

“I really
believe they may come back, but this time everybody will be aware and everybody
will be looking out for each other,” she said.

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