New technology transforms the beauty industry

New technology transforms the beauty industry

(NBC News) – The face of the cosmetic industry is changing, with new DIY devices that could let you skip a visit to the spa or salon.

“More brands are interested in making those advanced treatments accessible to at-home users,” says Rio Viera-Newton with The Strategist.

Dyson, a company known for household appliances, is making waves with high-tech hair care

Dyson products like the Airwrap Styler use high pressure and high-velocity air instead of extreme heat, measuring airflow temperature 40 times per second to minimize damage to the hair.

Dyson also uses low-heat technology in its Supersonic Hairdryer. But these products have a hefty price tag of 400-dollars and up.

New technology is also taking skincare to the next level. The FOREO UFO is a $280 smart facial device with custom treatments.

After your facial, you can hide imperfections with Opté – an inkjet printer for your skin. The handheld device treats and covers dark spots for a photoshop effect. The Opté comes out this summer for $600.

Like other new technology, the cost of those gadgets is expected to come down as more competitors enter the market.

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