Legislation could break housing leases for domestic violence victims

Legislation could break housing leases for domestic violence victims

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A state legislator wants to protect victims of domestic violence by making sure the victim isn’t on the hook for rent if he or she needs to get out of her home.

KRQE News 13 was told one of the toughest parts about separating a victim and the abuser is when they live together. This bill helps victims get out of a lease agreement.

Senate Bill 106, sponsored by Democrat Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, aims to help victims of domestic violence break those housing leases without consequences. The victim would have to provide the housing management a copy of a protective order against the abuser or a letter detailing the abuse they’ve endured.

The senator said her past work with domestic violence victims was the inspiration behind the bill.

“I saw the difficult choices women have to make when they decide to leave a relationship, and I thought it was important to remove barriers to their autonomy and their freedom,” said Sen. Sedillo Lopez. “And one barrier is a lease they cannot break.”

This bill is not on the governor’s call list so right now it’s not on any committee’s agenda. The senator told KRQE News 13 the Apartments Association is supportive of this legislation.

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