Comcast shows off eye-control technology for disabled customers | Business

Comcast shows off eye-control technology for disabled customers | Business

Although Comcast has offered eye-control technology nationwide to customers with disabilities for seven months, the cable giant hadn’t promoted the feature in Colorado Springs until a demonstration Thursday.

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The cable giant showed clients from The Independence Center, a Springs-based nonprofit that provides information, resources and support to people with disabilities, how its Xfinity X1 system works with the Tobii Eye Tracker during a demonstration at one of Comcast’s local storefronts. Connected through a tablet, the device controls the Xfinity channel guide as well as finding and viewing all types of programming and content.

“This technology is available at no additional cost if you have the Tobii Eye Tracker and a Xfinity TV package,” said Nick Jimenez, Comcast’s director of government and regulatory affairs in Denver. “More than 48 million people live with physical disabilities and many of them lack access to basic technology. Comcast is committed to expanding that access and give those with physical disabilities the ability to control our remote with their eyes.”

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The company uses web-based remote-control software that pairs with the Tobii Eye Tracker to change channels, search for and record a program and other tasks through the Xfinity platform. Comcast began offering the eye-control technology in June.

The system also works with sip-and-puff switches and other assistive technologies.

“When technology comes into play, people’s lives really take off,” said The Independence Center CEO Patricia Yeager. “Technology helps maintain or increase independence.”

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Comcast operates an accessibility support center for customers with disabilities that can be reached at 1-855- 270-0379 or on the web at

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