Highlights of Day 2 at Ukraine House Davos

Highlights of Day 2 at Ukraine House Davos

During the day’s first panel, titled Ukraine and the EU: Strength through Economic Partnership”, sponsored by CEO Club Ukraine, speakers discussed the strategic Ukraine-EU economic partnership and opportunities for further cooperation.

Mr Jean-Christophe Laloux, Director General, Head of Operations, EIB, said: “Ukraine is an important partner for us. Between 2014 and 2017, we have doubled our investments in Ukraine. Currently, 50 percent of committed funds for the Eastern European region go to Ukraine, amounting to a €6 billion portfolio.”

The second panel, “Is Ukraine Europe’s Last Great Infrastructure Play? Turning Potential into Investable Projects”, sponsored by TIU Canada, focused on Ukraine’s infrastructure investment opportunities, which are some of the most attractive in Europe.

Alain Pilloux, Vice President, Banking at EBRD said that Ukraine is a priority for EBRD: “Last year, 51 projects were implemented in Ukraine by EBRD with over €1 billion of disbursement”. As a leading Canadian investor in Ukraine, Michael Yurkovich, CEO of TIU Canada said that Ukraine is “at the top of its game”, becoming a market hub for agriculture, infrastructure, and IT.

In the afternoon, Noa Gafni Slaney, Executive Director of Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation led a thought-provoking discussion that asked the question “Will Technology Save the World?”. The speakers agreed that technology is creating new synergies with other industries and focusing attention on sustainability. The panel was sponsored by IT Ukraine Association.

The final panel of the day was hosted by WNISEF and Victor Pinchuk Foundation, titled “Transforming Education – Transforming Society“, where panelists discussed the far-reaching impact of investment in education and the positive role it pays in transforming society.

Wrapping-up the day was a vibrant conversation with Tristan Harris, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Center for Humane Technology.

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About Ukraine House Davos

Ukraine House Davos Organizing Committee is led by five women who volunteer their efforts to launch this event:

  • Olga Afanasyeva, Executive Director of Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA)
  • Jaroslawa Johnson, President and CEO of Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF)
  • Svitlana Grytsenko of Victor Pinchuk Foundation
  • Lenna Koszarny, Founding Partner and CEO of Horizon Capital, and,
  • Alexa Chopivsky, Executive Director of Ukraine House Davos

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Ukraine House Davos is supported by the National Investment Council of Ukraine, UkraineInvest, Ukrainian World Congress, Atlantic Council, Reputation Institute. 

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