Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center moving Caledonia location

Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center moving Caledonia location

CALEDONIA, Minn. (WXOW) — Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center plans to move locations in Caledonia from Marshall St. to Kingston St.

The new center, located on 221 South Kingston St., is expected to be open in the last week of April.

The new location will provide the organization with more space to offer additional services like psychological testing and teletherapy.

The center plans to have a combination of six therapists and substance abuse counselors on hand. They also plan to have three to six therapists making outpatient visits in the Caledonia area.

Leaders at Hiawatha Valley also want to offer more sound reduction in the space, so clients can have more privacy during a session.

“All the walls have insulation. Down the hallway, the doors are staggered, so when someone finishes in an appointment, they won’t automatically see someone across the hall from them,” said Erik Sievers, executive director of Hiawatha Valley Mental Health Center. “We plan to have the ductwork be curved, so if someones in an office, it doesn’t go up in through the ductwork and down into the other office next to it.”

Work began in August on the older building in downtown Caledonia. Norm Snodgrass is the building owner and contractor. He’s taken it upon himself to completely renovate the space which will be a significant step up from their current location on Marshall St.

“When I would walk into the original office that they’ve been in for about 30 years, I was like, ‘Why has no one built these guys a facility?,” said Snodgrass.

The contractor needs to finish the drywall, paint, and lay in the carpet to complete the project which is partially funded by community grants.

Snodgrass said the project would cost between $60,000-80,000.

Patients of Hiawatha can receive mental health care at one of the centers or through in-home services.

The organization provides mental and behavioral services to people living in Wabasha, Winona, and Houston County. They currently operate five clinics in Winona, Red Wing, Rushford, Wabasha, and Caledonia.

The first center opened in September 1965 in Winona. Hiawatha Valley Mental Health operates as a non-profit organization.

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