Queensborough Leadership Academy’s technology transformation

Queensborough Leadership Academy’s technology transformation

A complete transformation is underway at a Shreveport elementary school. Queensborough Leadership Academy was once considered a failing campus, but has since been removed from that list.

100 percent of its teachers are state certified and now a technology certification is preparing its students for the future. Every teacher has earned a certification through the tech company Apple.

Fifth grade math and science teacher Patrice Campbell-Hall was one of the school’s cheerleaders for this initiative.

“With the kids being so interested in the technology that makes them all the more eager to get the lesson to learn. To want to come to school.”

With the Apple certification teachers are simply adding technology to the curriculum and it’s something, 4th grade teacher Katrina Harris says has been well received by students.

“The students they’re already having iPads in their faces and iPhones and they are already familiar with the apps, but now we get a chance to pull that into our learning process and it’s seamless because they’re used to it all.”

Every student has an iPad and Queensborough Elementary is the only school in Caddo Parish to have all 100 percent of its teachers certified with Apple.

The school now having all state certified teachers means no more permanent substitutes in classrooms.

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