TitletownTech introducing new concussion indication technology to Green Bay

TitletownTech introducing new concussion indication technology to Green Bay

TitletownTech, the technological partnership between the Packers and Microsoft, is bringing some exciting technology to Green Bay.

The business has invested in a tool that can detect concussions and brain injuries on first glance.

The research has proven it, if you’re taking hit, after hit, after hit on the field, you’re brain is taking a hit as well.

Baseline concussion testing may not always yield the most safe outcome.

“The tricky part is you’re relying on the questions that you ask the player and a lot of times with high school boys, they’re eager to play back in the game and not so much thinking about their long-term health,” says Notre Dame Academy soccer coach Michael Prudisch. “The concern is you’re relying on their answers and the questions they’re asking them, not so much science.”

TitletownTech is introducing to Green Bay what they say is a better solution.

It’s called an Eyebox, it was developed by two sisters from Beaver Dam.

Someone with a possible concussion watches a four minute video while the device monitors their eye movements and creates more than 100,000 data points to determine if they have a concussion.

“Almost every other test for concussions you have to be tested before you’ve been concussed and then you have the test again if you’ve been concussed and it tells you whether your brain function has changed,” says TitletownTech’s managing director Craig Dickman. “What’s meaningful about this is that if you’ve never been tested, it still comes up with an objective diagnosis aid in whether or not you’ve suffered a concussion.”

The prototype for the Eyebox has been tested in 12 cities.

TitletownTech paid $8 million to bring the technology here.

In 2017 the NFL settled lawsuits with former players who had suffered head injuries, totaling more than $1 billion.

The Eyebox comes at a time when coaches and athletes are looking for solutions.

“With better technology coming out and more studies being done, hopefully we can find a better answer to making those gametime decisions as to whether or not they should be in the game,” says Prudisch.

TitletownTech anticipates the Eyebox will be available in Green Bay in the next 60 to 90 days.

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