Mom and holistic health coach has advice for moms to be their best selves in 2020

Mom and holistic health coach has advice for moms to be their best selves in 2020

ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ7)– The start of a new year often inspires us to set new goals. Moms are often so focused on their families, they overlook themselves.

“When you’re a mom, it’s all about everyone else. You forget about yourself and it’s so easy to do that,” says nurse and holistic health coach Jen Marie Cliff.

A lot of us can relate. Cliff is working to help moms focus more on ourselves in the new year.

“Sometimes, when I talk to moms, they tell me they don’t want to do self care or they forget because they don’t feel like they deserve it and I tell them, ‘That’s not true!’ Isn’t that awful?”

Recently, Cliff served as the guest speaker at a Moms Morning Out event hosted by Macaroni Kid Roanoke. She spoke to the group about setting goals, and has created a free downloadable planner for who she calls “mompreneurs”

“Moms who have a lot of ambition, who not only takes care of the home, but also, they run a business or they’re also a working mom,” explains Cliff.

“So, I created this out of the frustration of planners that I’ve had in the past that are really expensive, or doesn’t cater to the lifestyle of a mompreneur. So, I created this for all the moms who really want to have an organized day.”

Any mom can benefit from the guide. It starts with a review of last year, and how you can improve in 2020. One key element, starting each day with a sense of gratitude.

“I just take my phone aside, turn off the alarm and then I just say what I’m grateful for, and it has made such a huge difference. It’s changed my outlook,” she says.

Cliff stresses self care is not selfish. Think about activities that bring you joy. Start small, with just five minutes a day, and then add more time.

“Because when we take care of ourselves, in the long run, you really start to accomplish your goals.”

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