Meishe Network Technology Exhibits for the First Time at CES 2020

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2020 / The International Consumer Electronics Show 2020 (CES 2020) officially opened in Las Vegas on January 7. About 3,600 technology companies from 155 countries participated in the show with their latest technologies.

As a leading provider of intelligent video and audio solutions, Beijing Meishe Network Technology has many intelligent video and audio solutions. It brought its two latest technologies this time- AI Editing and Cloud Editing. The representative from Meishe Network Technology explained in-depth the functions of the products and technologies and the future trend of the industry.

1.AI Editing

The AI editing product newly released by Meishe Network Technology is a set of intelligent video editing processing solutions based on AI recognition and detection. It can automatically recognize, detect, and analyze the material content imported by users, thereby making films with the skill of professional directors and sharing high-quality works on the internet.

AI editing can greatly lower the requirement of video production so that common users can also quickly produce excellent films by using the content they shoot and transform fragmented video clips into valuable films.

When it comes to the convenience of AI editing, the representative gives an explanation: for example, in the field of intelligent hardware, users usually produce long-duration materials via intelligent devices. Common users spend much time in editing, while the AI editing technology can automatically process the user’s video content for sharing on social media.

2.Cloud Editing

The representative of Meishe Network Technology introduced the new generation of high-end B/S cloud architecture systems integrating video editing, creative packaging, and special effects.

Based on the latest WebAssembly technology of browser and the powerful video and audio processing architecture of Meishe SDK, Meishe Network Technology has developed a new generation of cloud editing solutions, which also serves as the first solution in China to realize seamless interaction and coordination between the mobile editing and PC terminal editing. The cloud editing technology includes a variety of post-production and post-packaging functions, which can be widely used in the post-production of various short videos, newsreels, feature films, TV programs, commercial advertisements, music videos, and publicity films.

At present, Meishe Network Technology has served leading manufacturers in various fields in China like OPPO, VIVO, bilibili Cheetah Mobile, and its overseas business covers Southeast Asia, Europe, and the US. It provides a complete video and audio technology solutions for hundreds of enterprises.

In the past two years, the short video and broadcast Apps, led by TikTok (the overseas version of Douyin), Kwai (the overseas version of Kuaishou) and Bigo Live, swept across the world’s major markets, and it has become a major trend for domestic enterprises to go overseas. As a main provider of video and audio underlying technology of this kind of product, Meishe Network Technology has started to regard the overseas market as its important target in the near future.

It is believed that few overseas companies are providing mobile-terminal video and audio solutions. Meishe Network Technology has the following three advantages:

Firstly, the solutions of Meishe Network Technology vary from mobile terminal to PC and Web terminals, achieving the coverage of a full workflow of platforms, which can meet the needs of different enterprises for different platform options.

Secondly, in terms of performance, stability is very important in both the mobile SDK and a full workflow of solutions in PC and web terminals. As three major mobile phone manufacturers, OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi are using the SDK of Meishe Network Technology in the core video and audio processing module. For example, the low-end mobile phone models covering Southeast Asia can also provide a smooth editing experience and meet the high standard requirements of mobile phone manufacturers for performance.

Finally, from the perspective of industry applications, Meishe Network Technology has product solutions targeted on the application scenarios in mobile Internet, entertainment, education, radio and television, medical care, intelligent hardware, etc.; it can also provide customers with various special effect tools for further effect customization.

The Future Product Development Direction of Meishe

When asked about the future product development direction of Meishe Network Technology, the representative said that scene execution is the key development goal of Meishe in the future with the combination of AI and traditional video and audio, graphics and image processing. Currently, the AI editing of Meishe Network Technology is mainly for travel and daily applications. In the future, in such vertical industries as sports, news, and media, Meishe will also invest more efforts in professional applications.


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