Passenger attempts to break into plane cockpit before landing

Passenger attempts to break into plane cockpit before landing

A man is in custody after trying to break into the cockpit of a
commercial plane in-flight.

Flight 49-65 from Dulles to Newark was close to landing when the pilots radioed about “an unruly passenger in the back.”

Passenger Mike Egbert was returning home from a business trip and saw the incident from his second row seat of the plane.

Egbert says the man “was on a full sprint right up to the
cockpit” and began hitting the door trying to get in.

One of the flight attendants tried to stop the unruly passenger but the man began viciously attacking her.

“She was like 4 foot 8… Oh a slight woman, petite, and I mean this guy was clocking her,” Egbert says.

Upon seeing the man attacking the flight attendant Egbert and
other passengers jumped in to help and subdued the man.

After landing, Port Authority police say the suspect charged officers.

In the midst of arresting the man one of the officers fell down
the plane stairs breaking four ribs.

Witnesses say the suspect picked up and threw one of the officers while fighting on the stairs.

“Everybody on the plane went oh my gosh,” Mike Egbert says.

Port Authority Police identified the suspect as 28-year-old
Matthew Dingley.

All together Dingley injured six officers and the flight attendant.

All officers are expected to recover and the flight attendant was released from the hospital.

Dingley is facing several charges which include assault and
resisting arrest.

According to records, Dingley was arrested in 2016 after leading
police on a chase in North Carolina and was found guilty of DWI in New York in

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