Iowa Manufacturers Collaborate On High-Speed Planter Technology –

Iowa Manufacturers Collaborate On High-Speed Planter Technology –

(IARN) — Kinze Manufacturing, in conjunction with Ag Leader, developed a high-speed meter and seed tube, which allows farmers to quickly and effectively place seed in the spring. Eric Broadbent, director of sales for North America, speaks to the new system.

“It’s a high-speed entrance into the planter segment, a metering device designed to singulate all types of seed, whether it be large, medium, small, flat or round. It’s designed to singulate seeds, take them to the ground, and get exceptionally accurate spacing and singulation at any speed,” Broadbent said.

The new technology, called True Speed™, accurately places seed at speeds up to 12 miles per hour, setting it apart from competitive products.

“That’s one thing that differentiates this solution from anything else in the marketplace. We have other solutions in the marketplace today that say they are good up to 10 miles per hour. Kinze, in typical Kinze fashion, (is) taking it one step above,” Broadbent said.

All Kinze planters, compatible with True Speed™, will come factory equipped with Kinze’s Blue Vantage™ display. Broadbent shares how this combination will further simplify planting.

“We have coupled it with the Blue Vantage™ display that has developed a name for itself, in the fact that it is user-friendly and intuitive,” Broadbent said. “The other thing is the accuracy we’re providing, at any speed. Another piece is it’s going to be easy on the pocketbook, in terms of care and maintenance. We’ve designed a meter that eliminates the need for singulator adjustments, so that’s going to allow quick seed type changeovers.”

Kinze Manufacturing plans to unveil True Speed™ at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, February 12 – February 15.

Story and image courtesy of the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network.

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