Delta set to launch new technology at Metro Airport to personalize experience for travelers | News

Delta set to launch new technology at Metro Airport to personalize experience for travelers | News

A new, opt-in technology is coming to Detroit Metropolitan Airport through Delta Air Lines that will allow multiple customers to see personalized content tailored to their travel on a single digital screen — at the exact same time and in their preferred language.

The airline, in partnership with Misapplied Sciences, is planning to launch the first Parallel Reality beta experience for customers leaving the airport.

It is planned to roll out this summer and is considered to be the first step toward a future where the airport environment itself is tailored to each traveler.

According to the airline, the technology allows multiple customers an opportunity to see personalized content tailored to their trip on a single digital screen.

The category-defining technology will provide wayfinding and personalized travel information, like directions to departure gate, or the closest Delta Sky Club.

Gil West, Delta chief operating officer, described the upcoming advancements as “breakthrough technology,” stressing that it has to be seen to be believed.

“It has the potential to make even the busiest airports much easier to navigate, even if you don’t speak the language,” West said. “Not only will Parallel Reality reduce stress and save time for our customers, but when combined with the warmth and thoughtfulness of our Delta people, the possibilities are endless.”

Metro Airport will see nearly 100 customers simultaneously view personalized content tailored to their individual travel on a single large-scale digital screen located just after security. Customer and employee feedback from this opt-in trial will be critical to shaping the future experience.

The following, according to Delta, is a description of how the process works:

● After moving through security at Detroit, travelers will see a Parallel Reality display near the Delta Sky Club (Concourse A, McNamara Terminal).

● Delta customers departing from Detroit who want to participate can scan their boarding pass on the scanner and select the language they want to use.

● Leveraging multi-view pixels and proprietary technology, this innovation enables each customer to see personalized, in-language messages — tailored just for them — as they walk past the digital screen.

For the trial, tailored messages may include personalized wayfinding, flight information or updates, boarding time, the nearest Delta Sky Club or even upgrade/standby status.

● This experience will always be opt-in, and customer information is not stored.

Albert Ng, Misapplied Sciences CEO, said Delta is looking forward to bringing this option to Metro Airport.

“The team there quickly saw the value the Parallel Reality experience would bring to its customers and had the vision, brand and resources to help bring it to market.” Ng said.

The plan is to start the technology with Delta customers at metro. It eventually can be used to create personalized experiences in nearly any out-of-home venue. The venue can range from stadiums to theme parks to convention centers.

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