Building better bone health in your 30’s

This is the first part of our Fitness By The Decade series. In this one, we’re looking at fitness in your 30’s. Pamela Hernandez with Thrive Personal Fitness shared these thoughts with Paul Adler on Ozarks Today.

Fitness by the Decade: Your 30’s!

Are you missing the mark when it comes to building healthy bones?
While osteoporosis often isn’t diagnosed until your 50’s or 60’s, peak bone building time is in your 30’s.

To promote healthy bones, you need two key elements in your workouts. The first is lifting weights. But, using small one or three-pound weights during a cardio or barre class won’t cut it.

A weight that is challenging for eight to twelve repetitions is what creates enough force and positive stress to encourage bone growth.

Adding high impact exercise will also help promote healthy bones. Running is a great high impact exercise, but I know it’s not for everyone. If you don’t enjoy running, try bodyweight exercises like jumping jacks and soccer taps in short bursts.

Nutritionally speaking, the focus is often on calcium and vitamin D. Both are essential components of your bone building plan, but there is a critical third nutrition piece.

Protein is the building block of all tissues, including bones, so make sure you are eating lean protein throughout the day.

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