Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she’s ‘cancer-free’ after flurry of health issues

Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she's 'cancer-free' after flurry of health issues

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks onstage at the Fourth Annual Berggruen Prize Gala.

Eugene Gologursky

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said she no longer has cancer, following a flurry of recent health scares.

“I’m cancer-free. That’s good,” she said in an interview late Tuesday with CNN.

Last year, Ginsburg underwent treatment for what likely was pancreatic cancer, according to a statement from the Supreme Court. In late 2018, she was treated for cancerous growths on her lungs.

The 86-year-old sat out of Supreme Court arguments in November due to a stomach bug.

The court, which hears another round of oral arguments next week, is expected to take on several high-profile cases this year.

The Supreme Court will hear three cases over Trump’s financial records next year and scheduled arguments for its March session.

Also in March, the Supreme Court will take up its first major case relating to abortion with both of Trump’s appointees, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, on the bench.

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Ginsburg is the oldest justice and is considered the leader of the Supreme Court’s liberal wing, which is outnumbered by conservatives 5-4. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993.

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