Story Breaking News of Michelle Williams’ Engagement & Pregnancy Raises Eyebrows

On social media and beyond, many questioned People’s decision to publish a cheerful piece breaking the news of Michelle Williams’ engagement to Hamilton director Thomas Kail and her pregnancy. The piece features several snaps of the pair together. The omission that many noted, however, was the fact that they were both in serious relationships when they met each other a few months ago.

Washington Post reporter Amy Argetsinger wondered: “Always curious about the mechanics of reporting and publishing a story like this. Was there some kind of agreement to, you know, just not mention the husband she split up from eight months ago? Because usually that guy gets a sentence.”

Media vets speculated that Williams offered People the exclusive in exchange for not touching on the circumstances behind their union. Kail and Williams met while filming FX’s Fosse/Verdon, in November of 2018. Williams, meanwhile, married Phil Elverum in July of 2018, with reports of their separation emerging in April of 2019. Kail was linked to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actress Angela Christian, until some time in 2019, though it is unclear when they split.

A follow-up story in the mag did mention that Williams had been married to Elverum.

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