Positive use of technology; peaceful communication

Positive use of technology; peaceful communication

By Sadie Bolos O’Neill

Q: How can I have my child use technology in a more positive manner?

A: First, you must define when and where technology can and should be used. Then, you have to help your child understand the positive uses of the technology. One of the main issues with technology is it is open for use 24/7/365. Parents must help their children understand that the use of technology should be for the betterment of their person. Ask your child to ask one question before using technology: Does this make me a better person? If so, use it. If not, don’t.

Q: How can I create more peaceful communication in my home?

A: This begins with you, as the parent. You must first understand the issue. When you do, you can address it more clearly. The next part is more difficult. When the conversation gets heightened, you must be the volume controller. You must display poise and control, even when the other party might be getting more emotional. This will help the communication be more peaceful. If need be, separate for a few minutes and come back to the topic instead of trying to power through it. The volume level and tone is vital for peaceful conversation.

Sadie Bolos O’Neill, BSCRJ, CSP, MCC, has 30 years of experience as a business and family life coach. Richard Popp, BSED, MAT, is a teacher, dean of students and football coach with more than 30 years working with all ages. Bolos O’Neill and Popp will present a workshop for parents in January.

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