Breaking Bad store set to open in January

Breaking Bad store set to open in January

“It’s a lot of local artists what we have commissioned, plus it’s a lot of out of the country items that don’t ship to America, much less to New Mexico,” co-owner Edward Candelaria said.

Candelaria wears his love for Breaking Bad on his sleeve. His arm is decorated with tattoos paying homage to the show and the actors. More than a decade after the show premiered he and other fans are not getting off the Breaking Bad bandwagon. He’s hoping those fans will stop at his store for something unique. Before their grand opening they were setting up a Breaking Bad cologne kit, Breaking Bad paintings done by local artist Jake Schoonmaker, board games, and two clear Breaking Bad vinyls.

“There was only 2,500 produced so we got a couple of them that we are selling and it’s crystal clear,” Candelaria said.

The store will have a soft opening Thursday Jan. 2. Their grand opening will be Saturday Jan. 4. They’ll open their door both days at 10:00 a.m. and before fans head in they’ll be greeted by one of Walter White’s famous quotes. An engraved sign above the door reads, “I am the one who knocks.”

Breaking Bad’s season finale was in 2013, but Candelaria said tourism is still going strong. He and his co-owner are partnering with popular Breaking Bad RV Tours and will become the last stop on their route.

“They’re still getting tons lots of people still yesterday he had his best day ever and this isn’t even Balloon Fiesta,” said Candelaria.

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