The technology revolution – screens, memes and Fortnite mark 10 years of developments | 1 NEWS

The technology revolution - screens, memes and Fortnite mark 10 years of developments | 1 NEWS

This was the decade where we caught up to Marty and Doc from Back to the Future. We were on the lookout for hoverboards, virtual reality and Willy Wonka-style food pills.

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This was the decade we caught up to Marty and Doc in Back to the Future. 1 NEWS looks at how technology has advanced.
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But as the final days of 2019 run out, what has actually become reality?

Not quite the hoverboard that we imagined the future would hold.

From the release of the first iPad, to Fortnite ruling the gaming world, the past decade has seen a great deal of wonderful and weird technological advancements.

Most of the developments we’ve experienced were a result of high-speed internet access, and the communication avenues it opened up.

Graphic image representing travel.

Social media as a primary means of communication, GPS in the palm of our hands and 3D printing are just a few of the things we now consider normal which weren’t talked about in 2009.

Access to the online world in the palm of our hand.

We also got Uber as a verb, a Queen who uses Twitter and devices that can turn on your heater and lights remotely – and seem a step away from tucking us into bed.

But such advances have come with a price – we’re spending a lot more time ‘plugged in’ and there’s a groundswell of opinion urging us to get back to reality.

The rise of virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistant has us all beginning to get used to talking to our devices.
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Tech-free retreats are on offer to everyone from Fortnite-playing teens and like-obsessed influencers, to AirPod-wearing CEOs. You can, of course, monitor your screen time with another app, which doesn’t seem to actually address the issue.

As the for decade ahead? Whatever happens, it’s sure to change our world like never before as the fast pace of development threatens to outpace our understanding of its application and repercussions.

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