Realme trademarks “DART” and “SUPERDART” as names for its fast charge technology

Realme trademarks “DART” and “SUPERDART” as names for its fast charge technology

Realme started off as a subsidiary of OPPO but is now a stand-alone company. However, the company still uses some of OPPO’s technologies such as ColorOS 7 and VOOC fast charge technology even though it is trying to distance itself from OPPO. The manufacturer is getting a custom version of ColorOS 7 for its phones, and now it has filed trademark applications for its fast-charging technology.

It has been reported that Realme has filed trademark applications for the words “DART” and “SUPERDART”. The logos for the two trademarks shows that they are related to fast charging.


Some say it is just a rebrand of OPPO’s VOOC and SUPERVOOC fast-charge technologies while others say it may be for Realme’s own proprietary fast-charge technologies. Nevertheless, we expect the trademarks will begin to appear on future products including chargers and power banks.

The Realme X2 Pro is currently Realme’s phone with the fastest fast charging technology. It supports SUPERVOOC (version 1) which has a 50W power rating and charges the phone from empty to full in 35 minutes.

This year has been a big one for fast charging technologies and next year is even expected to take things further. Xiaomi’s 100W Super Charge Turbo fast charge technology will be used in devices launching next year. Huawei’s upcoming 5G version of the Mate X will support 65W fast charging while the Mi 10 Pro has been reported to also have support for 66W fast charging.


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