Over Reliance On Advanced Driver Assistance Technology Can Nearly Double Distracted Driving

Over Reliance On Advanced Driver Assistance Technology Can Nearly Double Distracted Driving

Drivers with experience using advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, were nearly two times as likely to engage in distracted driving while using those systems compared to when they drove without them. In contrast, drivers with less experience and familiarity using the technology were less likely to drive while distracted with systems activated compared to when they were not. 

Those are the highlights of new research released earlier this month by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a nonprofit research and education association, that found that as drivers increased use and became more comfortable with advanced driver assistance systems, they were also more likely to become disengaged and drive distracted while using them. 

“This new research suggests that as drivers gain more experience using ADAS technology, they could develop complacency while behind the wheel,” David Yang, executive director of the AAA Foundation, said in a statement. “Over-reliance on these systems can put drivers and others in dangerous conditions during critical moments.”

For the study, “Understanding the Impact of Technology: Do Advanced Driver Assistance and Semi-Automated Vehicle Systems Lead to Improper Driving Behavior?” the AAA Foundation collaborated with Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. 

“Advanced driver assistance technologies have a lot to offer in terms of comfort and safety, but they should never replace an attentive and engaged driver,” William Van Tassel, AAA manager of driver training programs, said in a statement. “Remember, technology fails us daily while at work and at home. So, don’t get caught driving distracted when being focused on the road can save your life.”

The AAA said that while new driver assistance technologies offer important benefits, it recommends the following to maximize safety:

— Always remain active and engaged when using ADAS technologies, like lane-keep assist or adaptive cruise control.

— Commit to knowing what ADAS technologies are installed on your vehicle and how they work.

— Expect that the advanced driver assistance technologies in your vehicle have limitations.

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