Cheering, praying, breaking records: Indonesians welcome last solar eclipse of decade – National

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From thronging the streets to praying and breaking world records, residents in several regions of Indonesia had different ways to express their awe over the annular solar eclipse on Thursday.
An annular solar eclipse happens when the moon covers the sun’s center but is unable to block it completely, leaving what looks like a ‘ring of fire’ or annulus.
Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) spokesman Akhmad Taufan Maulana said the rare phenomenon, which would be the last solar eclipse of the decade, could be observed in 25 cities in seven provinces of Indonesia, including Aceh, North Sumatra, Riau, East Kalimantan and North Kalimantan.
In Medan, North Sumatra, thousands of residents gathered in front of North Sumatra Muhammadiyah University (UMSU) to watch the annular eclipse and took part in an eclipse prayer.
The university distributed 3,000 so…

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