Technology’s Role In The Future Of Work

Technology's Role In The Future Of Work

Technology implementation has made huge waves in 2019, from artificial intelligence evolution, to the adoption of smart home technology. Now, 2020 is expected to offer some of the biggest technology innovations to date.

Adam Bimson, director and co-founder of Vuealta, believes that intelligent automation will be the standout trend in the coming year and play a huge role in workforce planning.

“Ultimately, implementing AI-supported planning technology in the workplace will allow businesses to address the demands of a modern workforce in 2020,” said Bimson. “In doing so, they will still maintain efficiency to facilitate a positive work environment.”

Adam Kinney, Head of Machine Learning and Automated Analysis at Mixpanel, said that augmented analytics, where machine learning are used to understand patterns and behaviors, will also see major developments in 2020. 

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Next year, the future of the workplace will see ‘augmented collaboration’ as humans and robots become coworkers. This goes beyond using technology such as laptops and smartphones for work; it includes advanced robotic technology, smart assistants and more. 

“On the flip side, companies will need to prepare their employees for this shift, as Gen Z start to enter the workforce,” said Marcell Vollmer, Chief Innovation Officer at Celonis. “With their own unique set of demands and expectations, the new generation’s life experiences affect the types of jobs they seek and define what’s most important to them.”

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