Fargo woman’s car and Christmas presents stolen in garage break-in

Fargo woman's car and Christmas presents stolen in garage break-in

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – The Grinch came early for a south Fargo woman burglarizing her garage and taking her car and Christmas presents.

Bonnie Burch contacted our whistleblower hotline.

“I hope you’re caught and you’re prosecuted because what you did is wrong,” Burch said.

Burch said she didn’t notice anything too odd when she went to her garage last Thursday other than her lock was busted.

Management for her apartment building showed up and opened the garage door and that’s when her heart sank.

“First thing I noticed was my car was missing,” Burch said.

Burch’s car is a 2013 dark grey Toyota Corolla with North Dakota license plates and a Louisiana inspection sticker.

“Accidentally, on Sunday the spare key was left in the glove box by accident. First time I ever left it in there,” Burch said.

Her building manager told her at least nine other garages were burglarized last week sometime between Wednesday and Thursday night at her complex located along 42nd Street South.

“I have nowhere to go. I had to rely on somebody to pick my son up and bring him home, and I have to get someone to take me where I need to go,” Burch said.

A Fargo police officer arrived on scene and made a theft report. From November 1st to last Friday, police said they responded to more than 300 thefts.

Besides the vehicle missing, Burch is disappointed her Christmas presents were also stolen.

“They was never opened, they was brand new. I was just hiding them because I baby sit my granddaughter and didn’t want her to find them in the house,” Burch said.

Moreover, the car had sentimental value.

“It was the last thing my husband bought me before he died,” Burch said.

She hopes her car is returned in one piece and those who stole it get prosecuted.

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