WINONA HEALTH – RETAIL ADS – Ad from 2019-12-22 | Medical Care

WINONA HEALTH - RETAIL ADS - Ad from 2019-12-22 | Medical Care

Dear Winona Community,
As we come to the end of 2019, we bring to a close our yearlong celebration of Winona Health’s 125th Anniversary.
Through a host of events, big and small, we took time to remember and reflect on our roots. Planted in 1894
when the hospital was founded, these roots have not only grown deeper, providing stability through 125 years
of significant change, but have also reached up, blooming year after year. Winona Health remains high touch and
high tech, meeting our community’s needs with new programs and services, along with ongoing advancements
in medicine. This constant (organizational) life cycle has proven to one of Winona Health’s core strengths, fed by
our unwavering mission, vision and values that underscore what it means to be Winona’s hometown healthcare
system. We are known to be small but mighty, an apropos image, reflective of Winona on the Mississippi River.
As we gratefully come to closure of year 125, it is not an ending point, rather it simply opens the door to a new
year. Healthcare is not going away, but it is changing in ways not imagined 125 years ago, or even 50 years ago.
New entrants are disrupting the status quo—and that’s ok, we will be better for it. Incredible new technologies are
reducing wait times, increasing accuracy and leading to faster healing time—and that is good for us all. Whatever
the changes we face, Winona Health’s resiliency, focus, and agility will serve us well. More important, Winona
Health’s commitment to the community of Winona serves as our North Star.
The history of Winona Health has been captured in memorable photographs, letters, minutes, articles, stories and
a host of other documents. They are a remarkable legacy of our local ancestry and a treasure trove of the journey
we have been on for the past 125 years. Across this arc of time, it is easy to see an entrepreneurial and innovative
spirit; a deep passion for building a thriving community to include a local hospital as a community anchor; a
work ethic that is unparalleled and visionary leaders who looked beyond the horizon and stepped up to support
making the vision a reality. All of this is still true today.
In recognition of our 125th Anniversary, I would like to propose a toast to the people who are Winona Health:
• To our founders, who had the inspiration, foresight and will to create a community hospital for Winona; their
vision, generosity, and high standards are alive and well today;
• To all of the medical staff, clinicians and staff, board members, and volunteers past and present, who, over
the years, stewarded this gift and continued to advance high-quality care and service to our community; their
dedication, care and compassion are unparalleled;
• To our community members, who—for 125 years—have valued and supported their local community hospital;
the unwavering covenant between our hospital and Winona is a rare gift to us all.
Cheers! It is our honor and privilege to care for our hometown since 1894. On behalf of the physicians, clinicians,
staff, board of directors, and volunteers, I wish each of you health and happiness this holiday season.

Rachelle H. Schultz, Ed.D.

855 Mankato Ave. • Winona, MN 55987 • 507.454.3650 • 800.944.3960
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