Watch Tonight’s Democratic Debate: Live Updates

Watch Tonight’s Democratic Debate: Live Updates

The group was launched hours before the final Democratic debate of the year was set to kick off in Los Angeles and it mirrored a similar cross-the-aisle push that the Hillary Clinton campaign made during the 2016 election when it launched “Republicans for Hillary.”

But in that case, there was an organic move afoot of Republicans deserting their party’s nominee. This time around, the Democrats have yet to settle on their party’s nominee. And it’s not clear exactly which Democrats are looking to peel off from the party to support Mr. Trump. At 86 percent, according to a recent Gallup poll, Mr. Trump’s approval rating remains high among Republicans. But his approval rating, according to the same poll, is at only 8 percent among Democrats.

As for those Democrats who oppose impeachment, it appeared that Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Brad Parscale, was making an appeal to a very small group of voters. About 85 percent of Democratic voters widely support impeachment and Mr. Trump’s removal from office, according to the Gallup poll conducted between Dec. 2 and Dec. 15.

“For Democrats who feel abandoned by the socialist radicalization of their party, there is room for you on Team Trump and we welcome you to join the movement and a president that are putting America first,” Mr. Parscale said in a statement.

The coalition appeared to be the latest in a series of aspirational groups the Trump campaign has launched in order to expand the president’s coalition of voters, including “Black Voices for Trump” and “Latinos for Trump.”

It is not yet clear whether those groups will result in expanding Mr. Trump’s meager support among minorities, or whether the goal was in a large part to reassure suburban white voters discomfited by the president’s use of racist tropes.

In this case, the goal seemed to appeal to moderate voters by painting the entire Democratic field taking the debate stage as a group of far left socialists.

Stephanie Saul, Nick Corasaniti, Katie Glueck, Annie Karni and Jennifer Medina contributed reporting.

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