Thieves break-in, hide under tarps at Orchards Express

Thieves break-in, hide under tarps at Orchards Express

Orchards Express Auto Care had to cancel Friday morning appointments after the theft

VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — Two men were caught on camera breaking into Orchards Express Auto Care, draping themselves in tarps and inching around the shop on Friday, Dec. 13.

The thieves move around like black blobs on the Vancouver store’s surveillance video, placing items under the tarp and then taking them out to a big RV outside. The vehicle was strategically parked in front of the door to block people from seeing inside.

“They shattered the window and they crawled in,” said Jordan Ream an employee at Orchards Express. “It seems like [they used] tarps to hide their bodies.”

Two men were caught on camera breaking into Orchards Express Auto Care and moving around under the cover of black tarps, Dec. 13, 2019. (KOIN)

Ream said they took tools and an automotive repair scanner, worth $10-12,000. At one point during the break-in, the two thieves became bold enough to take off their tarps in order to steal a coffee machine and a tub of candy.

“They had stolen our coffee maker, they stole the coffee maker accessory cup holder, they had stole some Red Vines,” said Ream.

They even grabbed a toy model truck that had the company’s logo on it.

“We definitely feel attacked as a family, locally-owned shop,” said Ream. “It just kind of scares us when somebody goes to that extent to rob a locally-owned business. What other things are these guys out there doing?”

Their neighbors at the Pied Piper Pizza brought Orchards Express staff pies to boost their spirits. Cost Less Auto Parts gifted the business a new Keurig when they heard about the break-in.

A suspect caught on camera breaking into and robbing the Orchards Express Auto Care, Dec. 13, 2019. (KOIN)

“We just want to show our gratitude to everyone in the community,” said Ream. He said local residents can help by identifying the men responsible or locating the RV involved in the crime. The back half of the vehicle appears to be hand-painted and the passenger side has a silver hub cap in front with no hub cap in the back.

Orchards Express wasn’t able to keep some of their appointments Friday morning due to the crime, so they are behind on business for the holidays. Employees said if you’d like to help, stop by for an oil change—they’d be happy to help.

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