Technology 2020 Trends to Watch

Technology 2020 Trends to Watch

I wrote a piece last year here on #Hypergrowth #Innovation and the need to stay competitive for firms. By Danny Christ.

With ever-emerging new technologies, smart devices everywhere, and much faster adoption via the internet every firm becomes a tech-firm.

Technology is eating every industry

“Competitive lines are constantly being redrawn”

traditional competitors vs insurgent competitors

With new business models and technologies coming to the market at light-speed, legacy businesses are constantly challenged. Faster products, processes, and distribution innovations through data and technology make competitors faster.

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten.” The Road Ahead, 1995, Bill Gates

goldman sachs patent topics (q1'17 - q2'18)

In 1876, William Orton (President of Western Union) asked ‘What use could this company make of an electrical toy?’, when being offered to purchase Bell’s telephone patent!

mobile payments in southeast asia

You ever heard of autonomous Robotics, Vehicles, Drones, Appliances, and Agents? You ever considered your digital transformation strategy takes advantage of augmented analytics to deliver insights across the organization? Do you know what is an “automated developer”? It’s AI is applied to the actual development process, virtual software engineers which will develop basic code for software solutions.

“Nearly 75% of Professional Services companies have already implemented some kind of RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Intelligent Automation (IA) or AI-based intelligent automation solution.”

And what the heck is ‘digital twins’?! It is a digital representation that mirrors a real-life object, process or system. Ok, what for? It could potentially improve enterprise decision making by providing information on maintenance and reliability, insight into how a product could perform more effectively, data about new products and increased efficiency. For example, city planners can capture data about energy consumption to create more efficient options and test traffic light phases or airflow of skyscrapers.

“By 2022, 70% of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use.”

In about 10 years, technologies such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) and virtual reality (VR), which change how users perceive the world, will lead to new immersive experiences.

“The future will be characterized by smart devices delivering increasingly insightful digital services everywhere,” David W. Cearley, Gartner

My favorite topic, Blockchain has applications that started already to disrupt traditional finance. Distributed Ledger Technology expanded further to government, healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, and other uses. Blockchain could potentially lower costs, reduce transaction settlement times and improve cash flow. Furthermore, the digital representation of shares, real-world assets, securities, and other financial instruments via cryptocurrencies such as Security Token, will enable new financial models, businesses, and opportunities for everyone to invest in many of the above listed new technologies.

XCEL ASIA invests in transformative and high impact technologies while offering unmatched benefits to portfolio companies with its Pan-Asia eco-system.

LTO Network builds enterprise solutions with Distributed Ledger Technologies for the benefit of process efficiency, from data re-use and automation, without switching systems.

Micobo offers highly specialized enterprise-grade software as white-label for Security Token Issuance to easily deploy and customize your own compliant digital shares.

Moonwhale Ventures supports Startups and existing companies to explore Blockchain technologies, and the ‘tokenization of real-world assets’ as alternative growth-financing enables new products, services or business lines.

Sources: CB Insights, Futurum Research, Gartner, Moonwhale Ventures

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Looking for Enterprise Consulting in Blockchain Technology?

With LTO Network, Moonwhale Ventures provides full services to identify and implement Distributed Ledger Technology solutions in Value Chains of SMEs and Corporations. We also provide STO solutions, helping businesses with our STO Financing service or tokenizing real estate. Based in the USA and Singapore, Moonwhale will assist you in One-Stop-Shop solution for your security token offering:

  • Token Economics
  • Token Creation & Issuances
  • Marketing Materials
  • Private Sale Fund Raising
  • Public Sale Fundraising
  • Secondary Market Trading

Please feel free to contact us. Moonwhale is also happy to announce a collaboration with LTO Network. For more information on STO, here are our articles entitled: What Are Security Token Offerings? or Tokenizing Commercial Real Estate.

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About The Author:

Danny Christ is the CEO & Co-Founder of Moonwhale Blockchain Ventures Inc.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Danny has over 20 years of IT, Operations and Supply Chain experience across Germany (home), US, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines. He managed IT projects (ERP, CRM, POS, BI) and regional expansion (franchise, M&A) for various SMEs in the Consumer Industry. His career rose to Vice President of a 3500 employees organization.

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