BREAKING: Two suspects in purse snatching incident of an elderly woman, arraigned in court

BREAKING: Two suspects in purse snatching incident of an elderly woman, arraigned in court

MERCER COUNTY, W.Va.(WVVA)- Two suspects have been taken into custody by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department after an alleged purse snatching incident with a 66-year-old woman.

Jordyn Finney and Amir Stewart were taken before Magistrate Poe this evening and arraigned on charges for First Degree Robbery, Conspiracy, Assault during the Commission of a Felony, and Crimes Against the Elderly.

According to Deputy M. Horn, the department responded around 3 p.m., outside of the Belk Store at Mercer Mall, after receiving a call that an elderly woman was knocked over the head and robbed of her purse.

After reviewing survellience video, deputies determined the suspects were in the mall parking lot.

Per the police report:

“Deputy Calloway, Deputy Moore, Deputy Addair, and Lt. Ruble initially responded to the scene. I, Detective Horn then responded to the scene, When I arrived Deputy Calloway and Deputy Moore were talking with the 66-year-old elderly Victim about what had taken place. She advised that she was walking to her vehicle where she placed her bags in her vehicle. She then opened the driver’s door and was struck in the head and then her purse from her person by an unknown assailant. She didn’t get to see the suspect but stated they didn’t go towards the Belk entrance and must have went towards the Mall Entrance behind Belk, which is by Rose’s inside mall entrance. Deputy Addair and Lt. Ruble had gone inside the Mall Security Office to review video because the victim’s purse had been discovered in the trash can by Mall staff. We then observed the video showing the suspect’s run up to the door and once coming inside they had slowed down. The one suspect later identified to be Jorydn Finney walked in front of the other suspect later identified to be Amir Stewart that was going through a purse while walking briskly. Finney then appears to walk around the corner as if in a manner to be a look out for Stewart, while he was going through the purse. Stewart then pulls items out of the purse and then drops the purse inside the trash can outside the inside mall entrance to Rose’s.”

Finney and Stewart are being held at Southern Regional Jail. Stay with WVVA for additional updates.

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