Lineup Ninja wins Best Tech Startup at 2019 Event Technology Awards

Lineup Ninja wins Best Tech Startup at 2019 Event Technology Awards

Lineup Ninja won Best Tech Startup at the 2019 Event Technology Awards in London. 

The Leeds-based company provides software that helps event planners to
automate several tedious tasks involved in managing speakers and artists at
conferences, exhibitions and festivals. 

Co-founder Joe Atkinson explains: 

“It all started when I was managing the programme for an association’s
events. I was spending ages emailing speakers to check details, copying and
pasting data between different spreadsheets and the website etc. 

In particular, when scheduling sessions into the event agenda, there was
a lot of manual checking to ensure that speakers weren’t double booked, and
that their sessions would be in a space that had the equipment they’d asked for

Despite spending ages checking details, data would still get out of synch and
mistakes would creep into my event programmes. Occasionally they’d emerge
during the event itself, resulting in frustrated speakers, disappointed
attendees and a stressed event crew.

I’d previously worked in tech, so I knew that software could do the job
more efficiently and accurately than me, so I looked for something that could

I wanted a tool that would let me run a call for speakers to capture
speakers’ offers, and then set rules for my sessions (e.g. Session A must take
place after Session B and be in a room that has a projector, WiFi, and can hold
200 people), and then warn me if I tried to schedue it somewhere that would
break those rules.

I couldn’t find anything quite like it, so I teamed up with an old
friend and colleague from my tech days and we built it.”

Two years of development later, Lineup Ninja launched the product at Event Tech
Live in 2018. Fast-forward another year, and
Event Tech Live used Lineup Ninja to manage the 2019 show’s speaker

Event Director Paul Allott commented: “It does
everything, this thing! It’s saved me no end of time. I don’t think I’ve used a
single spreadsheet for the whole programme”.

Lineup Ninja are also working with global media
company Mindshare and a number of large event organisers including Reed
Exhibitions and GovNet.

Co-founder Gordon Johnston said: “We’re thrilled to
win Best Startup at the awards. 2020 is going to be an exciting year!”

If you’d like to find out more about Lineup Ninja, Get in touch or sign up for a free trial

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