Adam Catzavelos pleads guilty, blames ‘booze’ for K-word rant

Adam Catzavelos pleads guilty, blames 'booze' for K-word rant

It has been 16 months since Adam Catzavelos’ infamous racist beach rant went viral. He went down in infamy overnight, and after a prolonged period in hiding, the Gauteng-based resident came back to face the courts. After multiple appearances at Randburg Magistrate’s, he has finally been found guilty of crimen injuria.

In August 2018, Adam Catzavelos filmed himself saying that there “wasn’t a k****** in sight” on a secluded beach in Greece. The video went viral, forcing the subject and his family into hiding. Catzavelos lost his job, was banned from his childrens’ school and even spent some time keeping a low-profile in the Hellenic nation.

K-word ranter pleads guilty

The case has not been the open-and-shut investigation many thought it would be. The inquiry has been unique in its complexities. South African hate speech laws and Greek public decency rules have been reviewed with precise details, as both countries held grounds to prosecute him.

One judge had to recuse himself from the case as details of prior relations with the defence emerged, and there was even a postponement so some Greek legal documents could be translated.

However, a judgement has eventually been reached – and it’s one that Adam Catzavelos and lawyers won’t be debating. Even if they did try and blame the rant on booze and previous traumas:

“The accused admits that use of K-word is hurtful. The accused admits that he did not intend to harm anyone and that he is guilty of crimen injuria. Catzavelos was under the influence when he made the video and before he went on holiday he was a victim of crime. He accepts full responsibility and he’s ready to face the music.”

Lawley Shain, lawyer for Adam Catzavelos

Adam Catzavelos: What happens now?

It’s likely that the case will feature some form of settlement. High-profile incidents of crimen injuria can land guilty parties with six-figure fines, as former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi found out this year.

Jail time isn’t on the cards, but he will face sentencing on Friday 13 February 2020 – the date may well prove to be unlucky for Adam Catzavelos, who might have to fork out as much as R200 000 in two months’ time.

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