Amtrak Expects Record-Breaking Surge of Travelers

Amtrak Expects Record-Breaking Surge of Travelers

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) —  The Sunday after Thanksgiving is notorious for a record amount of travelers.

Amtrak had its largest passenger count to date during last year’s Thanksgiving week.

“We hauled about 860,000 passengers over the river and through the woods and we expect to do even better this thanksgiving season,” said Marc Magliari, a spokesman for Amtrak.

The rail service carried more than 160,000 customers just on the Sunday after Thanksgiving last year.  That’s why the company has made extra accommodations for the surge of holiday riders.

“We started adding extra trains for the down-state Illinois routes and super-sizing the rest of the trains,” Magliari said. 

With more passengers and more trains, it’s possible to see more delays.

“The trains are boarding and disembarking so many more people than usual, so we ask, mostly for peoples’ patience,” he continued. 

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