Local law enforcement considering purchasing restraint technology

Local law enforcement considering purchasing restraint technology

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA) — Local law enforcement agencies are looking at a new restraint technology to use while on duty. It looks like something a superhero would use.

BolaWrap is first-of-its-kind. With one click of a button on a hand-held remote, eight feet of Kevlar is shot out at 640 feet per second, and the suspect is entangled.

Authorities can stay 10-25 feet away from the suspect and minimize the chances of getting hurt.

Authorities at several agencies went to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to attend a presentation put on by Wrap Technologies.

They had the opportunity to use the device and watch how it works.

Rafe Jordan with Tico Safety Incorporated said, “It’s one of the first devices they can have on their belt, that they can use that does not involve pain. It’s going to basically bridge the gap between law enforcement and suspects of having to hopefully not put their hands on people who don’t comply.”

BolaWrap is only being sold to law enforcement agencies and military only. About 100 of them have been sold nationwide. To date, none have been sold in Arkansas.

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