Man accused of breaking into apartment and assaulting victim

Man accused of breaking into apartment and assaulting victim

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — A man says he was lucky to survive a terrifying encounter when someone broke into his apartment and viciously assaulted him.

Alan Strother, the suspect, was booked in the Western Regional Jail on Sunday, nearly a month after the attack.

Timothy Murray was cleaning his apartment the morning of Oct. 22, when someone he says he’d never seen kicked his door in.

“All of a sudden, the door broke open,” Murray said. “I had no chance to run or anything.”

He says the man came at him and started pounding him all over.

“He kept saying ‘Kill, kill,’ ” Murray said. “He just jumped up on me and started hitting me in the head and kicking me in the ribs. The guy would not stop.”

Murray says he used a glass candy dish to try to defend himself and hit his attacker in the head.

Murray says he managed to get away and run out of his apartment, downstairs and out of the building.

“I just started screaming,” Murray said.

Michael Bunch lives across the hall in the building on the corner of 4th Street and 7th Avenue and says he heard the commotion.

“They were both covered in blood,” Bunch said. “It basically looked like a scene from the movie ‘Carrie.’ “

Strother is charged with assault and burglary.

Murray says he later learned Strother had been staying in an apartment on his floor.

Murray says he has no idea why he was targeted.

“They said he had a mental problem,” Murray said. “He was just out there in another world or something.”

Strother is being held on a $105,000 bond.

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