Accenture’s Justin Baird becomes APAC head of technology for experience agency Imagination

Accenture's Justin Baird becomes APAC head of technology for experience agency Imagination

Justin Baird, the former managing director of R&D, technology and innovation at Accenture, has been named as experience agency Imagination’s head of technology in the Asia Pacific region.

The appointment follows Chris James becoming executive creative director at the agency. Baird’s role will be focused on boosting the tech and creating offering across the region.

Baird has spent time at Accenture and Google

“Our vision is to be the region’s leading technology-enabled experience agency,” said managing director Antony Gowthorp.


“For over 50 years we’ve built an enviable reputation for delivering exceptional integrated experiences. With the pace and adoption of technology in marketing, we see a unique opportunity to further enhance experiences for our clients and their audiences. Justin’s diverse background anchored in solving the impossible through technology solutions is just what we need.”

Baird brings 20 years’ experience to the role. In addition to his time at Accenture, he has worked for Hanson Robotics, where he led creative robotic performances, one of which featured on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He also served leading innovation at Google, launching YouTube portals across the region, patenting Google Underwater Street View and becoming a founding member of the tech company’s creative council.

“In Australia and across APAC there are significant opportunities to merge experience design and technology in both the physical and digital world,” Baird said of his latest opportunity.

“This requires special consideration, but also a unique approach with highly specialised skills, which Imagination is uniquely positioned to deliver. I’m very excited to be joining this brilliant team to help drive technology throughout the business.”

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